Top Cleaning Tips for Students

28 June 2016
Top Cleaning Tips for Students

As a student, cleaning is not always your number one priority! These cleaning tips will make cleaning easy, effective, and cheap.

The bathroom – Keep clutter to a minimum: ask everyone to keep toiletries in their rooms, or find ways (cupboards or hanging baskets and pockets) to keep surfaces free from bottles and jars. This way, there will be fewer places for dirt to build up and surfaces will be easier to clean.

The toilet – Encourage everyone to use the toilet brush – it’s there for a reason! Use a toilet cleaning product like bleach to clean the toilet bowl – and remember to be regimental with cleaning the floor around the toilet, otherwise it’ll rapidly become the most disgusting area in the whole house.

Kitchen surfaces – Encourage everyone to keep food and crockery in their own cupboards and not out on the surfaces to make cleaning easier.

Washing up – Don’t let dirty dishes pile up – it’s annoying for others and smelly. Soak dishes in warm water with a dishwashing soap to make cleaning easier, but don’t leave them too long or the water will go slimy!

The fridge – Make it a rule that whoever is responsible for cleaning out the fridge has an unreserved right to chuck out anything mouldy or rotten for the sake of hygiene.

The oven – Don’t skip this task, though you only really need to do it once a month. The same goes for the microwave – just be sure to mop up spills as soon as they happen.

The washing machine – Don’t leave washing in the machine to get mouldy. You’ll annoy your friends and could actually damage the machine. Keep a laundry basket next to the machine and make it a house rule to unload any washed laundry as soon as the cycle has finished.

Rubbish – If possible, keep bins near the front door, so you’re more likely to empty them when you’re heading out.

Vacuuming – Think about doing a quick whip round the flat or common areas every time you clean your own room.

Key Steps:

1 Create a cleaning rota to share out the chores equally.

2 Rotate chores weekly ­­­– no one wants to be solely responsible for the smelliest jobs like taking the bins out!

3 Don’t leave stains to linger – wipe up spills as soon as they happen.